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How To Increase Vodafone Internet Speed

How To Increase Vodafone Internet Speed

Hey Everyone, I'm Neil Vizson and today I'm going to break down how to increase internet speed in Vodafone SIM? under 8 minutes.

1. First of all, you have to open the settings app of your phone, and after that you have to select SIM and Network.

2. Now you have to open it by clicking in SIM and network, then click on the option of Access Point Name.

3. Now you have to click on the plus icon to create a new APN ( Access Point Name ) or you can modify old APN name to new.


1. Name <> Vodafone Internet MAX 1
2. APN <> portalnmms
3. Proxy <> Not set ( blank )
4. Username <> SpeedBot.VodafoneMAX
5. Password <> Not set ( blank )
6. Server <> www.google.com
7. MMSC <> Not set ( blank )
8. MMS Proxy <> Not set
9. MCC <> 404
10. MNC <> 98
11. Authentication Type <> PAP
12. APN Type <> default,supl
13. APN Protocol <> IPv4/IPv6
14. APN Roaming Protocol <> IPv4/IPv6
15. Bearer <> LTE

After doing this you need to save this APN. After that you have to select this APN as Global APN, to work in your Android phone. 

Check your Internet Speed in seconds.

For this you need not to install any apps like, Internet Speed Meter Lite or Speedtest by ookla or if you had already installed in your phone, then you can check your Internet speed.

If you are not installed any apps to check your Internet speed, then IAM going to share an Google internet speed test site where you can easily test your Vodafone Internet Speed

1. Open Google app.
Internet speed test
2. Now search "Internet Speed test" on Google search bar.
3. Now open this website to test https://projectstream.google.com/speedtest
Google Internet Speed test
4. Now click on [ Check Now ].
5. Maximum it will take 6-7 seconds to scan your Internet speed.
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