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What Is Robots.txt?

What Is Robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file that allows a website to provide web crawling bots instructions.

Web crawlers, often known as web robots, are used by search engines like Google to archive and categorise websites. Before reading any other file from the website, most bots are configured to look for a robots.txt file on the server. It performs this to discover if the owner of a website has any particular instructions for crawling and indexing their site.
what is Robots.txt?
The robots.txt file contains a collection of instructions that tell the bot which files or directories to ignore. This could be for reasons of privacy or because the website owner believes the contents of such files and directories have no bearing on how the website is classified by search engines

Each subdomain of a website must have its own robots.txt file if it has more than one. It's vital to know that a robots.txt file isn't respected by all bots. Some malicious bots will examine the robots.txt file to figure out which files and folders to attack first. Furthermore, even if a robots.txt file advises bots to ignore specific pages on a website, such sites may still appear in search results if they are connected to by other crawling pages.
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