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Alexa! Increase Your Alexa Rank

Alexa! Increase Your Alexa Rank

Do you want to have one of the most popular sites on the web? Well, who doesn't.
Hey everyone, I'm Neil Vizson and today I'm going to teach you how to increase your Alexa rank.


There's a site out there called Alexa.com. It's actually owned by Amazon and it's different the Alexa your familiar with. Alexa.com, which focuses on moderating and ranking the web for popularity.

The first thing you need to know about Alexa.com is they rate sites from some million number to one.

One's being the most popular website on the web. So that's probably going to be a Google or a Facebook, and you can see by going to Alexa.com and they rank the most popular sites all over the web and they even have a list of the top hundred websites.

Alexa rank!

When you are looking at this rating number, you want to climb towards the top. What that means is you want your Alexa number to continually drop. So how do you do this?
Well, you get more traffic. The more people that visit your website, the better off your Alexa ranking is going to be.

So there are a few quick wins you can do to increase your Alexa rank.

1. Alexa toolbar

The first thing you can do is install the Alexa toolbar. So the more of your visitors or readers coming to your site with the Alexa toolbar, the better off you rank is going to be, because that way Alexa can collect data from all these people.

2. Promote your content

The second thing you can do is just promote your content on the social web.
So every time you have a new blog post or you updated some of your content share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest.
If you have images put them all over Twitter. You can also put them all over Pinterest, and Facebook, wherever they may be.

3. Traffic through E-mail

The third thing you can do is any time you link out to other people, email them.
Sending emails you're going to get more social shares and more traffic which means a lower Alexa number. The lower the number again, the better your Alexa rank.

4. Ahrefs

The fourth thing you can do is use AHREFS.com, type in you competitor URL's, and see who links to them. Email each of those people out, its that simple. 


Follow those steps and your Alexa rank will improve over time. When you do them do expect your number to drop closer to one or a thousand cause it's really hard to get to those numbers, but you can get to one hundred thousand or maybe fifty thousand or even twenty or thirty thousand. But it takes time.

Look at your Alexa ranking it should improve over a period or thirty to sixty days, after you implement these steps.
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