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Top 4 Backlinks Checker Tools To Grow Your Rankings

Top 4 Backlinks Checker Tools To Grow Your Rankings

Backlinks are one of the most significant search ranking variables since they determine the authority of your website. Further more, backlink SEO may be the most important factor in helping you beat your competition – you may do everything right in terms of technical, on-page, and content SEO, and select the finest keywords, but if your backlink profile isn't strong enough, you'll still fall behind.

With this in mind, it's apparent that backlink optimization necessitates a significant amount of your time and effort.

You'll need a decent backlink tool to effectively optimise your backlinks. What characteristics distinguish a decent backlink tool? It should be able to analyse your backlink profile, find fresh link-building possibilities, and be relatively inexpensive. Fortunately, the latter is simple to resolve — All of the tools we'll be looking at today are free. Read, consider, and pick what is best for your company.

A completely free online tool with a huge data allotment, backlink audit capability, historical data records, and chances for competition research.

Top 5 tools to check backlinks for free

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs backlinks checker
The Ahrefs Backlink Checker is a free tool that uses data from one of the internet's most comprehensive indexes. It allows you to check as many domains as you like, however the free version only shows the top 100 backlinks.

In addition to backlinks, the tool will provide your website's overall domain authority, anchor texts, monthly organic traffic, and referring domain authority.

The tool will also show you the percentage of backlinks that are dofollow, but it will not identify which links are dofollow.
You may use the tool to investigate backlink competitors because the number of checks is infinite.

Appropriate for: Ahrefs Backlink Checker may be used to rapidly examine your website's backlink profile or to gain insight into the profiles of your rivals.

We recommend utilising this tool in conjunction with another source of data, as the free Ahrefs data does not accurately reflect the whole backlink profile.
100 backlinks per check, unlimited checks, and unlimited domains are all included in the free data allotment.

A fast check of your or your rivals' backlink profiles using this backlink checking tool.

2. Seobility

Seobility backlinks checker
Seobility provides a useful collection of metrics for evaluating backlinks and viewing a quick summary of your domain's backlink profile.

Referring domains, connected sites, anchor texts, whether a link is dofollow, and its rating will all be displayed by the tool. It does not, however, display the pages that connect to your website. The referring domains are arranged from highest to lowest in terms of rank. As soon as you start the check, you'll obtain a list of the most valued domains.

The number of daily checks is restricted to three, which severely limits competitor research options and may be even more unpleasant if you shut the tool tab in your browser unintentionally. The amount of connecting domains you may examine each check is also restricted to 400, which may be insufficient. 

Seobility is useful for gaining a fast understanding of your competitor's backlink profile. It's not the ideal tool for frequent backlink audits because of the restricted daily scans, but it may be used after Ahrefs to discover backlinks that Ahrefs missed.

3 checks per day, 400 backlinks per check are included in the free data allotment.

  • Although this is a popular tool for link audits, there are just a few free findings accessible.

3. Google search console

Google Search Console is a Google service that allows webmasters and website owners to do site audits.

Because the tool is completely free, it's a good option for those on a tight budget. However, GSC may only be used to audit your own websites; you must first prove your ownership, and you cannot audit the websites of your rivals.

You'll have access to a range of valuable statistics and analytics after you connect your website to Google Search Console, including a backlink report. The analysis includes a list of your most linked pages, as well as the domains from which those backlinks originate and the most commonly used anchor texts. The information is taken directly from the Google index.

The strange thing about Search Console is that it just gives you the domains from which the backlinks come, not the backlink sites themselves. The tool's results are limited to the top 1,000 links, and there are no extra metrics like dofollow/nofollow, domain authority, or history records accessible.

Suits for: Google Search Console is a website auditing tool for website owners and webmasters. It can be used to do a simple backlink audit, but for a more in-depth study, you'll need a collection of other tools with more data.

Allowance for free data: up to 1,000 results per report; data is solely accessible for your website. A free online backlink checker tool with a large database and the ability to check an infinite number of domains.

4. Moz

Moz backlinks explorer
MOZ Link Explorer provides a summary of historical backlink data, including new and lost connections, domain authority numbers, the proportion of dofollow backlinks, the most popular anchors, top connecting domains, and the most popular backlinks.

You'll need to establish a MOZ account and enter the domain you wish to examine in order to access the data.

Because you're only allowed 10 free competitor checks each month for rival research, we recommend combining this tool with others. Select the tools that allow for an infinite number of checks.

The tool displays the top 50 followed backlinks in terms of backlinks. It's a solid start, but there's not enough information to do in-depth study. You can't view an alternative set of backlinks because there are no filtering or sorting options, so you're stuck with those 50. On the positive side, you may export the top 50 backlinks in CSV format if necessary.

Suits for: If your company is tiny, MOZ Link Explorer can be used to examine backlinks on a regular basis. This tool should be used in conjunction with other tools, such as Online Backlink Checker or Ahrefs, for in-depth analytics and competition research.

10 checks per month, up to 50 backlinks, up to 10 anchor texts, and up to 10 connecting domains are all included in the free data allotment.

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